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Université du Québec à Trois Rivières
Trois-Rivières, QC, G8Z

A wide overview of the art research and creation of the French Canadian Philippe Boissonnet. Art holography, digital photography, interactive installation, photo-performance, drawings, and more



  • Coming soon (nov. 2019): « Transparence/Transparaître (volet 2)», group exhibition, Espace Camille Claudel, Amiens (France)

  • On line with ARTSY : « Artist Holo Memories », 2018 (presented by WallPlay, NYC)


Passing from drawing to holographic installation, Boissonnet courts light by exploring its penetrating power to destabilize vision. He sculpts light, reflecting upon its power. The artist focuses on the ambiguities and attendant complexities inherent in the process of visual perception, clarifying the relativity of viewpoint in the multiplicity of faithful visual representations (…). What illuminates Boissonnet’s work? - form and/or matter? Light? The earth? The earth and ourselves?  In  fact,  his  interactive  holographic installations  are  built  from  a series  of  intermixtures  of  drawings,  photocopies  and  photographs questioning one  after  another (and one within another) our place on earth, our return to a world essentially trapped by perception.


«Regarder la terre, c’est aussi se regarder car nous sommes la terre.»

Manon Régimbald (in exhibition’s catalogue: "Philippe Boissonnet. Un espace entre 2 temps", 2004, MACL, Canada)

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